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Screams 2 Dreams

Hi mamas! I’m Lauren Davis, a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness, but becoming a mother exposed a huge component of my health that I previously took for granted – SLEEP! To say we struggled with sleep with our first child is an understatement. I read books and blogs, talked to friends and family, asked our doctor, and fretted endlessly about how to get my own family sleeping better because we were downright exhausted. Then I discovered the world of sleep consultants and our life was changed!

After having such success working with a sleep consultant, I was inspired to earn my own certification so I could help other families. Sleep consulting has been incredibly fulfilling for me. I have truly been in your shoes, so to provide the guidance and support to improve another family’s life through better rest has been an honor.

We now live in a world where there is so much information at our fingertips that it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to learn just how exactly parents can help teach their little ones to sleep better. That is where I come in! I create a customized sleep plan that provides parents with clear guidance for strategies that fit their family and offer ongoing support while they follow the plan and encourage their child to develop independent sleep skills. When you teach your child healthy sleep habits, you will gain a happy, playful, curious, and eager to learn child AND you will gain important “you time” and your sleep back!

Screams to Dreams Sleep Consulting offers a variety of sleep packages and services that help families get the rest they deserve from prenatal/newborn through elementary aged children. It’s never too early or too late to create a foundation of healthy sleep habits that your child will rely on for the rest of their life! If you are ready to move from exhausting, frustrating nights to restful, restorative nights, let’s create a customized sleep plan that fits your family today.

Client Success:
“After working on our sleep plan, our daughter is doing amazing and is finally on a consistent schedule! Going to bed is so easy, it used to be awful every single night. Thank you so much for the help, it’s made a massive difference for us.”- Nicole

“Our daughter now sleeps 12 hours straight, all because of you! We lacked a clear plan and consistency before working together and having your support has made all the difference for our family.” – Kaylie

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Houston Placenta Services

Cliodhna Griffin HBCE, CMT, APPAC the founder of Born Free Birthing and Houston Placenta Services, hails from Ireland but currently lives in Kingwood, Texas with her husband of 14 years and their 3 fantastic daughters, 2 of whom are darling HypnoBirthing® babies.  She is a dedicated birth worker and loves to help families have joyful births and strong postpartum recoveries.

As well as being a certified and experienced HypnoBirthing® Educator and Faculty member of the HypnoBirthing Institute, Cliodhna is proudly Houston’s first APPA triple-certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist who owns and operates Houston’s only freestanding commercial-grade placenta preparation kitchen. Almost 1000 clients across Houston have gone on to have wonderful postpartum with thanks to the help of their incredible placenta, each and every placenta that Cliodhna has the honor of processing is lovingly and professionally handled.

For more information on Cliodhna’s professional placenta services go to You can follow Cliodhna on Facebook at and on Instagram at

 A little about Houston Placenta Services:
I developed Houston Placenta Services for a very specific reason, to set a high standard for those of us in the Placenta Preparation Industry throughout Houston.

My kitchen was carefully designed and planned over 18 months and built over the span of 6 months. Every detail has been thought out, from the special FRP non porous walling around the sinks and prep areas, to the NSF grade stainless steel preparation tables, shelving and sinks. I practice medical grade sanitary procedures, using the same sanitation products as many major hospitals, wearing protective clothing and using single use utensils.

In short, I love what I do, I adore processing placentas and helping women enter into their postpartum journey on a better note and I take it incredibly seriously. Your placenta should be respected and processed under the highest of standards, and with Houston Placenta Services, I guarantee it will be!

 What are the reported benefits of Placenta Encapsulation?
The placenta is an amazingly complex organ and holds many nutrients such as Prolactin, Oxytocin, Gammaglobulin, Iron and Interferon. As well as many other hormones and nutrients, the particular ones listed may help the mother have a faster recovery, postpartum bleeding may lessen,  breast milk may be more bountiful, overall mood and energy levels may be higher and the mother may rebalance, hormonally sooner than she would normally expect.

How does the process to have my placenta encapsulated look like?
Houston Placenta Services (Formerly Born Free Birthing) is known for making the whole process as simple as possible for new families. I know they are busy and have a newborn baby to devote their time and attention to.

​Once a client books their placenta encapsulation with Houston Placenta Services, they will receive a confirmation email and detailed list of instructions that will include when and how to contact me on the birth day, how to store the placenta after the birth, etc. They will be mailed a placenta transportation kit that is small and discreet. The kit will include storage bags for ice and the placenta. Another list of instructions which will include pictures will be sent along with it. The client simply births their baby and calls or texts me to let me know the placenta is ready for pick up. The placenta will be picked up soon after the birth and processed immediately in the dedicated placenta kitchen and the finished products will be delivered back to the client within 48-72 hours along with full instructions on consumption and storage. I am available for guidance for as long as the placenta products are being consumed. I happily answer any questions my clients may have.

Cliodhna Griffin, HBCE, CMT, APPAC HypnoBirthing Classes and Placenta Services

Born Free Birthing &

New Leaf Chiro

Mon. 10-1/3-6 Wed. 10-1/3-7 Thurs. 3-6.
Office Manager: Ashley
Front Desk Coordinator: Bree

Chiro Assistant: Shannon

Dr. Lauren Baker has enjoyed serving the Humble Kingwood and Atascocita communities for 15 years. She graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 2005 after attending Sam Houston State University from ’99-’02. Her passion for chiropractic began after helping the LaMarque Cougars as an athletic trainer for 3 years and later working as a chiropractic assistant in Texas City for 9 years while attending college. She was amazed at the results chiropractic care offered the patients and often times avoiding surgery. She began her focus on pediatrics in 2014 and loves serving the kids and expectant mothers. She became certified in Webster Technique in February 2016 and has helped many expectant mothers achieve the pregnancy they wanted. She is committed to promoting the optimal health and well-being of her patients. When she is not helping her patients, she loves traveling with her husband Tim, enjoys playing the piano, and taking care of her “fur babies”.

Learn more about the benefits of prenatal adjustments

Bayou City Breastfeeding

Bayou City Breastfeeding provides comprehensive and creative care to families with babies here or on the way.
Founded in 2016, Bayou City Breastfeeding is Houston’s largest group IBCLC practice, helping parents during prenatal & postnatal visits, breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, tongue tie and frenotomy support, and more. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive infant feeding support in Houston by the most knowledgeable IBCLCs, helping families through their entire feeding journey. We take many insurance plans and offer virtual consultations, home visits across greater Houston, and in-office support in Central Houston, Kingwood, Katy, Conroe, Pearland & Cypress. For more information, please visit our website.

Acushen Clinic

At Acushen Clinic, we believe that you can heal your body from within. We encourage your body to accomplish this by bringing it back into balance and alignment in order to initiate self-healing. We are committed to the ethical, responsible, and diligent practice of our medical profession and proudly uphold our core values – Compassion, Integrity, and Empowerment.

Dr. Sarah Anzola, DACM, L.Ac. Lead Practitioner

Acushen Clinic was founded in 2020 and provides integrative medicine services through a combination of modern and holistic healthcare practices to diagnose and treat patients. We offer a variety of healing disciplines such as Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage, Moxibustion, Tui-na, Gua Sha, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Guidance, and much more. We use a combination of these therapies to address acute and chronic illnesses as well as infant colic, coughs and colds, constipation, sleep irregularities, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, low milk production, mastitis, low energy, headaches, and other newborn or postpartum conditions. We are the most advanced clinic in the Houston area at delivering integrative and holistic healing through ancient techniques. We pride ourselves on our professional expertise, hospitality, nurturing nature, and quality of care.

3007 White Oak Dr.
Houston, TX 77007
(281) 846-6334


The Good Birth Company

I’m Ashlea Armstrong, a certified birth + postpartum doula with The Good Birth, local to Kingwood and services the Houston area! I discovered my passion for doula work after the two very different birthing experiences of my daughters. Mama, your baby absolutely matters, but you matter too. How you feel and how you are treated during birth imprints on your heart forever. I am passionate about helping women have transformative birthing experiences and committed to teaching couples to be a team in their birth space. Doulas are an investment to your birth team; the support you receive is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. So, let’s talk about you, your baby, and how informed and supported women are empowered during pregnancy, labor and beyond!
I offer a full doula support package that includes: one consultation, ongoing phone support throughout your pregnancy, two prenatal meet-ups where we: create your birth plan, discuss ways to prepare your body and mind for labor, discuss partner support, review childbirth education, discuss what to expect during labor and postpartum, provide physical and emotional support throughout labor for you and your partner, immediate postpartum support, and one postpartum home visit. I also offer a separate birth plan + body preparation package that includes two prenatal meet-ups where we will create your birth plan and I provide educational and emotional support during your pregnancy so you are informed, supported, and feel prepared leading into labor and birth!
You can find more information about me and my services on my website

Ashlea Armstrong The Good Birth Birth and Postpartum Doula

“What you believe about birth, your body believes you.”


Promise Birth Services

Photo Credit: Kelsey Armstrong Photography

Promise Birth Services offers birth, postpartum, and sibling doula services. Private, virtual, and in-person childbirth and postpartum education courses are offered as well; in addition to a variety of other pregnancy and postpartum support services. Lindsey Dugas, owner of Promise Birth Services, is a BEST certified doula and childbirth educator. She is a proud follower of Jesus and believes every woman should have access to doula support during her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Birth doula services are offered on a sliding scale to ensure finances are never a barrier to support. Contact her today to schedule your FREE consultation!

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Lindsey Dugas

Three Little Chickadees Photography



Casey is an award-winning newborn and lifestyle photographer, serving the greater Houston area including Humble, Kingwood, and Atascocita. She specializes in newborn, maternity, children, and family photography. Casey strives to capture both posed and genuine, real-life emotions in her images. Her style is moody, vibrant, with sun flares in her images. Three Little Chickadees Photography has been listed as Houston’s top 20 newborn and family photographers of 2019 & 2020 by Expertise as well as Houston Magazine.

Little Wonders Photography

Little Wonders Portraiture is based in Kingwood, Texas and serves the greater
Houston area. We specialize in maternity, newborn, and family photography.
The birth of a child marks a defining moment in your life. From this day forward,
everything changes.
You have a new reason for living. You have a new reason to love.
And just weeks from now, your little one will no longer fit so tiny in your arms.
They are only this little for so long.
With a maternity and newborn portrait session at Little Wonders Portraiture,
Sheila will help you preserve those memories forever.
Booking a Belly to Baby Package with Little Wonders Portraiture is so easy. We
have an all-electronic process that takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
Maternity sessions are best booked between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy,
depending on how big you would like to be at the time of the session.
Our newborn sessions are initially/and temporarily booked on your due date.
Then once the baby is born, we determine a solid session date. Newborns are best
photographed at 5-14 days old… the earlier the better.

Sheila Meade
Little Wonders Portraiture
[email protected]

Vessel Pilates


Vessel Pilates is a sacred space intended to help you slow down, get present, and feel better in your body. We believe in the power of self-care and set out to help you achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance through movement while creating an inclusive and supportive community that you can trust. Through our variety of classes, we strive to heal, to strengthen, and to balance your body. Through the power of movement, you can leave feeling revived, refreshed, and rejuvenated.
At Vessel, you’ll also find our favorite forms of self-care within our apparel and wellness boutique. Whether you want to add a pair of leggings that make you feel amazing or try out some of the natural and non-toxic products we have specially curated from brands across the world, we are here to help you take care of you.

 Jessica Sowyrda Owner and Founder of Vessel Pilates

Have babes at home? Bring them along! We have the VP Kid’s Club available during our major class times.

21 N Main Street
Kingwood, TX 77339



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