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(left to right) Rebecca Garza, Co-Director & Early Childhood, Azram Aslam, Co-director & Upper Elementary, Richelle Lawson, Toddler Teacher, Amber Harrison, Lower Elementary Teacher

Kingwood Montessori School was founded in September 2007 and offers an outstanding Montessori program beginning with toddlers (18 months) through the sixth year (age 12). In August 2022, the school will open its doors in a new location on 3933 Woodland Hills Drive. We strive to inspire academic excellence; to nurture curiosity, creativity, imagination; and to awaken the human spirit in every child. Enrollment is now open for the 2022 – 2023 school year.

Kingwood Moms spoke with long-time teachers from Kingwood Montessori School. Each teacher highlights a different age-group.

Kingwood Montessori is proud to have a passionate group of teachers from a variety of backgrounds that share their love with the children of our community.

How long have you been a teacher and what age do you currently teach?

Azram: I have been teaching Upper Elementary at Kingwood Montessori since 2016. Previously, I taught at the college level for 4 years in Pennsylvania before moving to Kingwood.

Amber: I have been a teacher at Kingwood Montessori since 2016. I have been a teacher in some form or capacity for 30 years. (Please don’t do the math!) I actually began in an after-school program where I was mentored by Bessie Williams. I have taught Upper Elementary, grades 4-6, but currently teach Lower Elementary, grades 1-3.

Becky: I have been teaching 22 years and I currently teach the Early Childhood community (ages 3 – 5 years).

Richelle: I have been a teacher at Kingwood Montessori School for 7 years (it will be 8 years in August), I am the Lead Toddler (18 months-3 years) teacher.

Ms. Becky works with a student on a map of South America.

What do you enjoy most about being a Montessori teacher?

Azram: Montessori philosophy teaches students self-correction. I enjoy my student’s academic integrity and how they learn to believe in themselves. I also enjoy exploring with them, especially when they find something new, I enjoy seeing their excitement.

Amber: What I enjoy most about being a Montessori teacher is a very difficult question, but I have no doubt that being a Montessori teacher is a calling that feeds my soul. It is the opportunity that I have to observe the light bulb moments when a child masters a concept. It is the joy of nurturing a child to become the best versions of themselves. Or it’s that I get an old student who remembers that I helped them to learn fractions and now they have graduated with their bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. It is the feeling of knowing that I am making my mother proud that I am a second-generation Montessori teacher. It’s also that I have a passion to support, love and respect the future leaders of tomorrow.

Becky: I love pouring into the children not only academically, but emotionally. I love to see my students happy because they know they are loved in our environment.

Richelle: I love watching the children becoming independent and developing new language.

Kingwood Montessori School will open at their new home on Woodland Hills Drive for the 2022-23 School year.

What is your favorite part of the school year?

Azram: Winter Culture Festival is my favorite time of the school year. Elementary students research and present materials on their chosen country. Parents also get involved by bringing food from various countries. It is a colorful event and it brings our school community together in a year-end celebration. It feels like traveling around the globe in one day.

Amber: My favorite part of the school year is about 2-3 months in. This is when the students have learned that school is a safe place, where it is THEIR community, and they have freedom to be their authentic selves. I also love the first conference period, where I get to share the many successes and achievements the children have completed with their parents/guardians.

Becky: My favorite part of the school year is December because the atmosphere is joyful. The classrooms are filled with songs, smiles, and 5 months of beautiful work is displayed throughout the building.

Richelle: I love September because the classes start to normalize, and everyone has set into their routine. The kids are more comfortable, and we can see their real personalities. I also love May because I can reflect on how much the students have grown throughout the year.

What does the future look like for your school?

Azram: I promote the importance of education for the public good. A school should not only provide academics but also, the tools to develop soft skills and good human beings. I also insist on supporting diverse learning styles. Children learn in a variety of ways; you never know what clicks for one child or another. The future of Kingwood Montessori School is to continue to allow students to learn in an environment that supports a diversity of learning styles.

Amber: I would like our school to continue to improve our environment and increase our resources to becoming an even more remarkable school. Our move to the new building next year is a great step towards this. Our unique curriculum provides an excellent educational opportunity.

Becky: My hope for Kingwood Montessori School is that our community will continue to grow with supportive parents, teachers, and beautiful children.

Richelle: The future looks bright for our school. Starting in August 2022, we will open in our new building on Woodland Hills Drive.

What advice would you give to moms who are considering different school options for their child/children?

Azram: Students do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. If you have a caring teacher and have a good relationship, it helps them find their dreams and strengths. I believe that we have a wonderful team of loving and caring teachers who not only have a passion to teach, but they also bring out the best from each child.

Amber: I trust that parents know their children the best. I know our school is a very special place. In our classrooms, each child is challenged and respected as a whole being. Here, we seek to support each student individually to find success in ways that work the best for them.

Becky: I would encourage families to consider us as a place for their child/children to grow. Kingwood Montessori School is unique, there is nothing like a true Montessori school. Our teachers have a passion and respect for our children. We not only teach but speak life over them to help parents give them a firm foundation that lets them know how loved, and respected they are. If their children are happy and know they are safe, learning will come easily and with joy.

Richelle: The best advice I would give parents is to pick a place where they feel most at ease. It can be overwhelming looking at all the schools in the area. Finding a place where you know your child will feel loved will confirm that you’ve found the right place.

Join Kingwood Montessori this June to explore outer space and experience the joy of learning with Montessori. Learn more here!

Enrollment is now open for the 2022 – 2023 school year. Join Kingwood Montessori in their new building at 3933 Woodland Hills Drive! Contact them here to schedule a tour by calling (281) 548-1452.



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