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Saturday Business Feature: Becky Parsons- Burn Boot Camp Kingwood






Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in the area?
My husband Eric and I are originally from New Mexico. We lived in Pennsylvania for 20 years with our 2 daughters before moving to the Kingwood area about 3 years ago.

Tell us about your business.
Burn Boot Camp in Kingwood, TX
is a group fitness facility for both men and women of all fitness levels.  We offer personal training in a group setting with workouts that are a mix of strength, cardio, burst, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  Our elite trainers will modify the workout to meet YOU wherever you are in your fitness journey.  Everyone who walks through our door will be challenged and leave feeling stronger than they were when they started!  The community at Burn Boot Camp is what really sets us apart!  We cheer each other on, celebrate each other’s victories, and keep each other accountable!  When you work out at burn boot camp, you can expect to get high fives and hear your name a lot!   Another unique offering of burn boot camp is our floating floor which is similar to a gymnastics style floor.  Our floating floor reduces the impact on your joints which helps to prevent injuries while still allowing you to build muscle and bone density. Your membership also includes a complimentary child watch so busy moms and dads can take time to prioritize their health and wellness without worrying about the kiddos. You also get one-on-one focus meetings with your trainer who will help you formulate a plan for success.  Whether it’s guidance on nutrition, performance, mindset, or fat loss that you need they will help you crush all your goals.  Burn Boot Camp is growing with over 300 locations nationwide!  Your membership is universal so you can visit any other Burn Boot Camp in the country!  This perk helps our members stay on track when they travel whether it’s for business or pleasure!

What brought you to do your business? 
My husband and I have always shared a love for fitness and helping others reach their full potential.  My first experience at Burn Boot Camp was on a summer vacation.  My sister-in-law was a member at Burn Boot Camp in Hendersonville TN and she asked me if I wanted to go with her.  I was nervous but I went anyway and when the trainer started to demonstrate the workout I thought “what was I thinking!  It’s 4:45 in the morning and there is no way I can do this!” The trainer encouraged me and called me by name.  The members cheered me on and gave me high fives!  From that moment on I was hooked! I had never felt more comfortable and welcome in a gym before. At that time, we lived in Pennsylvania.  I looked for a Burn Boot Camp near my home, but sadly the closest Burn was over 50 miles away! Eric and I had always talked about starting a business together so when we moved to Texas we decided maybe this is the time!  In the summer of 2020, we decided to bring Burn Boot Camp to Kingwood!  After a lot of planning and hard work, we officially opened our doors on May 24th of 2021.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur? I really enjoy working with people and just being in the gym every day.  The team we have here at burn boot camp is awesome! Eric and I are so fortunate to have such a fun, creative and dedicated team who are working toward the same goal of helping people transform their lives through fitness!  Not only that, we get to meet so many people who are looking to make a change for the better and we get to celebrate their victories with them as they begin to see their goals being achieved!  I honestly can’t think of any better way to spend my days!

 How many kids and how old are they?  We have 2 daughters and we are so proud of them!  Megan is 25 and just completed a Masters’s degree in Accounting.  She is living and working in Pennsylvania.  Jenny is  21 and recently completed a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Jenny was having a difficult time with her job search, however, a couple of our members were able to point her in the right direction and she landed a great job right here in Houston!

What is your favorite part about what you do?  Our favorite part of what we do is seeing the progress that our members are making and watching their confidence grow as they get stronger and are able to accomplish things they did not believe they could do! Being part of the community on a daily basis is what really gets us excited.

What does the future look like for you and your business?  We are growing fast and developing a strong community within our business.  We are looking forward to seeing the progress of our members and employees as they become who they want to be.

What advice would you give to others that want to start something new?  Spend the time in the planning phase and think about any possible pitfalls you may encounter.  Make sure you leave enough time to find qualified people and make the investment in helping them become the best they can be

Any advice for juggling all the things in daily life? 
Keep running lists of short and long-term tasks.  Also, utilize your team…don’t try to do it all by yourself.  When you are building your team, hire people that can help you overcome any weaknesses you might have…..hire your weakness!


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