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Moms, I am excited to introduce a guest post from a local momma, Sarah Larson. End-of-the-year activities are going on this week and summer is coming up next week. Sarah gives us great perspective on parenthood.

Parenthood…what does this word mean to you? If you are like me it may bring mixed emotions. On one end your heart may be bursting at the seams with unconditional love, while on the other you are biting your nails with worry and fear. You may find yourself worrying if you are raising them right. While asking yourself, “Am I setting them up for success? Am I making the right decisions? Are they safe? Will they like me when they get older?” The worry literally can go on for days. Wait who am I kidding, years.

Parenthood is filled with yes’s and lots of no’s. It consists of lite and fluffy days as well as dark and heavy ones. It’s making a decision and realizing it may not have been the best choice. It’s thinking that you are teaching your child, yet learning from them at the same time. It’s wanting a little adult time, but find playing water gun war like a child is more entertaining. It’s wiping butts, tears, and cleaning boo boos; and receiving the uncontrollable belly laughs, smiles, hugs, and kisses. It’s the late night wake up calls to the early morning snuggles. It’s having your kids ask for one thing and throwing a fit for another. It’s having to be the mean parent while hurting inside for doing so. It’s trying to make sure your kid fits in, yet wanting them to have their own identity as well. It’s worrying if they are safe, and pray because you have to let them fly. It’s wanting the best for them.

As I have recently told a good friend, children should come with a prescription of heart attack prevention medication. Parenthood is such a roller coaster of emotions. I swear I have put myself so close to cardiac arrest a few times. What I will share with y’all is that as much as being a parent can be stressful it is also the most precious and rewarding honor. If you sit back and realize what truly matters to you in life, parenthood can be a little less stressful. Remember when I said you can learn from your children, well here is where you can use these lessons. In our house we have a saying, it is taken from a book title, ‘Everything is figureoutable’. Think about it, you can figure anything out and make it work. It may not be the exact way you visioned, but hey is anything?

By stepping into releasing a little control you can see the greater picture. The fun and joy life can and should bring, through your child’s eyes. Have you ever said, “I just wish I could be a kid again!” Well, guess, what you can. No that doesn’t mean you have to have no worries and make dumb decisions. It means you can let your hair down and allow your kids to wear pajamas to the store, finger paint on the cement outside, or eat an extra dessert here and there. Allowing life to present as it’s supposed to and reacting with the attitude, that with God everything is figureoutable. I am not going to tell you that I am perfect, or that parenthood is a cookie cutter mold. It’s making decision based on your family and not worrying about what others think or say. Even if the decision may have not been the best decision in hindsight. Remember what ever session you are in with parenting it will not last. It is so temporary, that if you blink you will miss it.

So, remember from those messy fingerprints to letting them fly you are their parent. You are their form of unconditional love, their safe haven. Sit back and choose which memories you want to hold onto. The ones of getting frustrated because the house wasn’t always clean, or would you rather making memories of playing while cleaning. Learn from your kids and play a little. Don’t take life so seriously and begin the memories you want to be made. Be the parent you want to be and not the parent you think others want you to be. Live this season filled with unconditional love, laughter, and most of all God’s Grace. You are a rock star.

Thank you,
Sarah Larson
Check Sarah out on her website-Wake Up with Sarah Larson

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