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We would like to introduce you to a brand new company in Texas that is building their brand around family financial security. We are so excited to share this company with you because they are revolutionizing life insurance for families. Life insurance can be a daunting topic, we know. No one loves the “what if” conversations life insurance brings up. But, for us moms, with little ones dependent on our income and/or our spouse’s income, it’s imperative to have these conversations when planning for the future. 1 in 17 children experience the loss of a parent (JAG Institute 2020).. It happens more often than we think, yet as parents, we often never think it’ll happen to us. How insane is that?! Dayforward wants to change that and is doing so by not only changing the structure of traditional life insurance but also making the whole process SIMPLE. This is a completely new type of life insurance that PROTECTS YOUR INCOME. It’s not a lump sum payout, but a paycheck protection plan. Dayforward is a better way to protect your family’s future because their policy can give your family a steady stream of income until your children grow up instead of a one-time lump sum payment that can be misspent or mismanaged within the first few years. 



Getting approved for a policy with Dayforward simply means if you die, your family will continue to receive your income, just like they depend on today. In other words, if your twice-a-month paychecks are $2,000, not only will your family begin to receive your twice-a-month paychecks of $2,000 from Dayforward, but they’ll also get an additional $10,000 to cover your funeral expenses if the unthinkable happens. You can even customize your policy to last until you believe your youngest child will be financially independent—choose from when they turn 18, 21, or even as old as 26! And, if you get a raise (yay, you!) or have another child, your coverage can adapt with your life changes. Dayforward was built for the new and next generation of parents! 


So, go check them out at to learn more. And if you’re just as excited about them (like we are), all you have to do is answer a few questions and they try to get most people covered in minutes, all online. And although most people shouldn’t need to, if they do need a better look at your health, they try to mail you an At-Home test kit so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. I mean, how awesome is that? We have so much more to share on this revolutionary company and we will be sharing our own experiences working with Dayforward, so stay tuned!


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