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Self Care is important usually but especially now when our world is being turned upside down, our routine is non-existent, and there are so many unknown answers to our questions. I am always reminded that I can’t take care of myself if I am not 100 % my self.
Yes, I understand this is easier said than done because you are Moms everything is thrown on your plates. You are working from home, taking care of kids, making 20 meals a day and now homeschooling your kids and then there is the house and pets to take care of. Where is there time for yourself? I know I totally get it. But my challenge for you is to take 10-15 minutes to YOURSELF. EVERYDAY.
Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be some extravagant thing. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU DESERVE TIME TO YOURSELF.

Enjoy your coffee in the morning…without interruption.
Take a shower.
Read a devotion before the kids get up.
Listen to music.
Go for a walk. Get outside.
Take a nap!
Get dressed
Journal- what is going on right now is a historic event so write about it.
Facetime with friends, family.
Do something you love. Did you have an old hobby that you loved before? Get back into it.
Set limits-for social media, for checking emails, texting, and the news. (This has been my biggest goal. Get off social media and stop watching the news) All the negativity during the day is really starting to affect me. I am trying to be completely social media & email free on Sundays but that doesn’t always pan out but that is ok. It is a goal to work towards.

BREATHE Mommas you’ve got this!
This week has been a hard one for me. So many unknowns are scary. I have felt every emotion in the books and feel dumb complaining to friends because I know they are struggling too.
Questions left unanswered, not knowing what is going to happen next when I am a big planner is driving me crazy.

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