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Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Kingwood?

I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I have lived in Kingwood for 5 years.

Child(ren) and Age(s)?

 I have a daughter that will be 4 in November and a son that will be 2 in November. They are 11 days shy of being two years apart.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

After graduating from college I went to Uganda, Africa where I spent time living in a Children’s Home and teaching at a local school. I did not want to return, however, The Lord led me back to Texas. I have a heart for missions, and hope to one day do missions as a family.

What is your go-to activity for yourself for pampering or for fun?

My go-to activity for myself is to work out. I love waking up early to have time to get in the right mindset before my children wake up. I enjoy going to thrift shops or second-hand shops to find good deals and unique finds with a good cup of coffee in hand.

Funniest shortcut/routine for helping you through parenthood?

Making the diaper bag my purse.

Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the
corporate world? Please share!

I am a fitness and nutrition coach; helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives. When you find a passion and a gift to serve others, it’s natural to want to share the amazing benefits of what coaching can offer someone. I also want to be the best role model for my family, so becoming a coach helps me hold myself accountable. I spend my days investing in other busy, like-minded women, who just want a community of encouragement and accountability. We are there for each other, help one another change our lives, and help one another grow. It has been a huge blessing in my life! Being a coach is what has allowed me to become a stay at home mom. I am able to do what I love, be with my kids, and supplement income all from the convenience of my home.

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

When we first moved here, not knowing anyone; finding a church was our number one priority. Becoming connected to a church gave us a community of friends. Those friends led to connections with others that had the same beliefs as us, which led to the opportunity I have been given as a coach.

What is the best advice for juggling mommyhood and running a business (or volunteering,
working, etc)?

Oh goodness, I don’t know if I have any advice, but I can share what I am learning as I go along. I strive to wake up early in the morning before my family so I can have time for myself and spend time with The Lord. I have found that I am a much better mom if I do.

I also make a to-do list every day for my business. After I have made my to-do list, I highlight the three most important things that I must accomplish. If I get to the others great, if I don’t, it goes to the next day.

I only spend 2-3 hours a day working on my business. I make the most of the time that I have by being focused and intentional. I know that my children will not be little forever and they will also not be around forever. I want to make sure to be present with them and give them my undivided attention. I also want to be the best at growing my business, and that happens when I have time without distractions.

I became a stay at home mom so I could BE with my children, so that is my top priority. I am also learning that I cannot juggle everything on my own, the house doesn’t have to be spotless, and everything will fall into place like it is supposed to.

What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?

Erase all expectations of what you have for when you become a parent; because when you become a parent you will do the things you said you would never do, and you will experience joy in ways you never could have fathomed.

What is your proudest mommy moment?

My proudest moment as a mommy/wife has been my husband delivering both of our children. I am so proud to have such a supportive husband. Him handing both of our children to me the moment they were born is a beautiful memory I will cherish forever.

Greatest gift about being a mom?

The greatest gift about being a mom is that I am a mom. I have always dreamed of becoming a mom. I used to lie in bed at night as a young girl dreaming of being married and becoming a mommy one day. I would pray to God that he would let me live to become both of those. Both of those have happened, and it is without a doubt the greatest gift I could have ever been given.

Best mom hack that makes momming easier?

Keep a cup, a pair of socks and shoes, and a bag of snacks in the car at all times.

I always bring a water bottle in the car, so I can refill their cups.

I always keep a pair of socks and shoes in the car because they kick them off or take them off before we get anywhere.

I always keep snacks in the car, because you never know when you will need one, and snacks always seem to make a kid happy…at least for a few minutes. 🙂

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

I have never been a stay at home mom until this year. I have always worked full time as an elementary teacher. We never thought it would be a possibility for me to be able to stay at home. I am counting my blessings because it is absolutely my favorite that I am getting the opportunity to spend each day with my children. As hard as some moments can be, I would not trade these days for anything.

In regards to being a lifestyle coach, my favorite part is being able to help others be the best version of themselves. More than that, is doing it alongside them. The teacher in me loves to help others, encourage others, and support others. By being a coach, I am able to do all of those things while becoming a better version of myself as well.

 What is your favorite thing to do in the HKA area?

We love going to all of the different parks. We are an outdoorsy family, and it is so nice to have so many trails and parks to venture out to. With two toddlers, it is nice to have so many different parks to play and explore.

Please share website and social media information.

Instagram: @tayfayeday

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