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For our first Saturday Business Feature, I am SO excited to share Oliver and Otis with you guys. I know you have heard me talk about them for weeks now but I truly think they are the best-kept secret( well, maybe not anymore). Oliver and Otis is a family ran (started by the Moms) business in Abilene, Texas that makes graphic tees and accessories but uses them to spread Joy, Love, God’s messages, and Positivity. I have been wearing the shirts for years and they are my favorite. If you remember in my Instagram stories last week I counted and we found out together that I have an addiction to Oliver &Otis. I think I had like 23 shirts. #momuniform I can throw on jeans and a Tee and look presentable.
As I got the chance to talk with Patti back and forth through emails, It was obvious very quickly how humble she is. She is so thankful for her business and followers and all the support for Oliver & Otis through the years. She knows there wouldn’t be anything without her customer’s support. But most of all she knows how much God has blessed her and she doesn’t take the glory away from him.
Oliver & Otis was started by Patti so that she could have her own thing and help provide for the family while being a stay at home mom. Sounds familiar right?
Then she put things on the back burner for a bit to concentrate on raising her 4 children. Arin and Allie went to college and talked Patti into starting up again. Oliver and Otis wouldn’t be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of EACH family member working hard. You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child, well, in this case, I think it takes a family to run Oliver & Otis. 
(keep reading for a discount)

Where are you originally from and how long have you lived there?
We were all born in Abilene, Texas.

How many kids and how old are they?
Patti is the Mom and works with her right-hand ladies aka her daughters. Isn’t that so cool, to be able to work with your Mom and Sisters?!
Patti 4 kids… all grown 29,30,33,36  2 boys: Caleb & Steven & 2 girls: Allie & Arin

Allie has 2 boys 7 months (Lennon)and 2 1/2 (Scout)

Arin 1 son 2 1/2 (Jones)

What brought you to do your business?
So I could be a stay at home mom and help out with some of the bills

When did the idea of creating your business start? How long have you been in business?
I was in the T-shirt business when the kids were young, I got out of it for a while then the girls wanted to start it back up again and we joined forces.

Arin is the graphic designer,

Allie is our sales manager plus more

I run the warehouse and all the shipping and receiving

My son in law (Allie’s husband) runs all our custom designs

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?
Being my own boss and working my own hours and I can come and go as needed and can be off when needed.

What is your favorite part about what you do?
The freedom and working with my 2 daughters

What does the future look like for you and your business?
Our business has been such a blessing. God has had a big hand in it and opening doors and blessing us over and over. We try to bless others with what God has blessed us with

What advice would you give to others that want to start something new? 
Go for it!! you never know what big things might happen

A little more about Oliver & Otis written straight from Arin.

My name is Arin, I am the graphic designer for Oliver & Otis. I hate to brag, buuuut, I seriously have the best job in the world. Going into college in 2009 I knew I wanted to own my own Tshirt company because of my passion for art, computers, and fashion. Thanks to all of you my wildest dreams came true! Did I mention I get to share the ownership with my two favorite people in the universe?! #blessed

I work with my sister, Allie, she is our wholesale rep {and the best in the world, obviously}. Allie is the kind of person that is on a once in a lifetime vacation in Belize and still can’t help but to bring her laptop and check her e-mails on the beach all day. She LOVES what she does with a passion and her biggest fear in life is to let a customer down. Not only is she in constant communication with hundreds of boutiques, but she also sets up our beautiful photoshoots and helps manage our social media! Her social butterfly attitude and constantly excited spirit really amazes me every day!

We also own the company with our mom, Patti! Well… she actually owns 33.4% and Allie and I only own 33.3% … so she can always tease us about being the REAL #bosslady! Hahaha! Besides having the best sense of humor, she is the hardest worker we know. She controls shipping EVERYTHING! That means at Christmas when we need to send thousands of tees all over the U.S. she gathers up our amazing O&O elves and GETS. STUFF. DONE. Yes, she is pretty much Santa Claus. But even more magical! She is also the co-owner for 2 other businesses, a mom to four, a grandmother to 5, and a friend to EVERYONE. Allie and I are constantly baffled by how she does it all. I strive to be more like her every day!

The Oliver & Otis team graciously gave all of you Ladies a discount code!! YAY!
Use the code YAY4MOMS for 15% off!! (If you forget, it is also on the Steals & Deals Page)
I think they have a shirt for everyone. Texas shirts, Halloween, Fall, Christmas Shirts, Mommy & Me and accessories.

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