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“Yes Day”…Have you ever heard of it? The first time I heard of it years ago when I was teaching, I was like no way I am ever doing anything like this. The more I heard about it from students and parents the more I realized I couldn’t wait to do this with our kids. The memories created on this day were something I strived to have with my kids one day.
Basically, you say YES to (almost) anything your kids ask for the day. There is this book I found at a book fair this year, it is called “Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Your “Yes Day” will look completely different from ours based on your family size and the kids’ ages and budget, but take the concept and make it fit with your family.
Our kids are 5 & 3 so they didn’t quite get the whole concept of the day but they still had fun with it and so did my husband and I.
The stage of parenting we are in right now is hard. Don’t get me wrong I am so thankful for our kiddos. Let’s be real, it is a challenge every day. Motherhood. Parenting is hard y’all. I feel like life is crazy, hectic, schedules, school, routines, gymnastics, sports, always go go go and work, along with a lot of No. I feel like there is so much pressure to be the perfect parents and make sure your kids hit those milestones and does this sport and this after-school activity that we forget that we are supposed to be having fun with these tiny humans too. This “Yes Day” forced my husband and I to relax and enjoy everything we were doing that day, with our kids. We slowed down and truly had fun with our kids and their choices. My husband has a very high strung personality and a demanding job. He is not able to take many days off and just relax, like really relax. ( and let’s be honest Moms don’t get time off either). We spend most of our time on the weekends running errands (#adulting) or doing little things around the house. Now, Is it sad that we need to create a special day to slow down and have fun? To some, it might be, but nonetheless, we had a blast and will continue this tradition every year! I encourage you to give it a try. If it totally freaks you out and gives you anxiety (my hand is raised) for giving up control of all situations then set a few limits. Like the kids have to eat a good lunch (but they can choose maybe?). Or no donuts for breakfast but you can have Ice Cream for lunch or dinner. This type of things happens ONCE a year in our house so just have fun with it. This was our first year but I think it is a tradition that will stick around. (Ask me again next year, I might be eating my words).
Our kids are still young so they didn’t take FULL advantage of the day. This is how our “Yes Day” went…
The first stop for breakfast was Kingwood Taco Shop, because why not enjoy the BEST tacos first thing in the morning?!
Next, off to Target to spend a few gift cards the kids received for their birthdays. The Mud Pie in Town Center to do some painting together was our activity of choice that day. Everyone was starting to get a bit hungry after all of this so naturally, we walked over to Chachi’s to enjoy some lunch on the patio. Mom and Dad were tired at this point…which meant back home for naps, for everyone. (Wahoo!) Naps were something I wasn’t letting the kids skip. Oh man, we would have two tornados running around if we did that.
After naps, the kids decided to play in the backyard in the sprinkler before dinner of MOD Pizza. The plan was originally to make our own homemade pizzas but we were having so much fun outside we ran out of time.
The memories made that day were so special to my husband and I as well as our kids. It is such a good reminder that no matter where you are in life, no matter what phase or stage you are in, to slow down. Babes don’t keep! Slow Down! Some days I wish that they did, but I am loving watching our two kids play together, and grow up together. I know a day like this isn’t feasible every day or even once a month. Once a year is definitely good for me. I can’t wait to see what the kids choose for next year.
Tag me in your “Yes Day” adventures, I want to see what memories you and your family are creating!

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