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As promised, the kiddos and I went to Aldi today to see what we could find to prep for our next  Whole30This January it didn’t work out for us, so we will start in February. But I wanted to give you some ideas of things to get at Aldi. Most of these options are either Whole30 compliant or healthier options with natural sugars for the kids.
Whole30 can be expensive, trust me I know. This will be our 5th round. I still buy some items at HEB, but I am trying to stick to a budget (the B-word that I hate the most). No Amazon, No special Whole30 boxes nothing fancy. I want to help you with items that you can find at our local stores.
Whole30 has all the information if you have any more questions on what is compliant or not.
(*Disclaimer: I am not a Whole30 coach or an expert*. This is my own thoughts and opinions. As always double check on Whole30 website).

First and foremost I feel like I need to say this. I am by no means trying to push this lifestyle on you. I am not trying to make you feel bad because you don’t eat or you’re not interested in this. I am simply letting you know what is out there. Any of these items can work for any lifestyle or diet. Maybe it will even give you some new ideas for meals for you and your family. So you make it work best for you. You do YOU! You be YOU! You can’t be anyone else but who you were made to be. I want this community to learn from and lean on one another, not compare or tear down each other.

      I know Aldi gets a bad rap sometimes for not the best things or it being cheap. And that is totally accurate but most of the time I go in there I am able to buy fruits and vegetables for my family of four to eat clean and a less expensive price than other grocery stores.

Best Avocados are always at Aldi. They are green and will last the week for us. We go through around 10-15 avocados per week! (Yes, for real)
You can’t have storebought chips on whole30, it’s called “sex with your pants on” really it is-Look it up, (you can make homemade) but again this is a good clean eating option with nothing processed. Throw it on some Taco Lettuce Wraps or Taco Bowls for lunch/dinner.



Frozen Vegetable options are always good for my favorite dish like Shepards Pie.

 I like the flavored coconut water at HEB, or flavored HINT water if you’re not into the coconut water.

These dips are new, we haven’t tried them yet.


This is our favorite Chorizo for Breakfast Hash, don’t be scared to serve it for breakfast or dinner too.

         For any of the salad kits, don’t use the dressing. Make your own, keep it simple.
 The nuts and Dried Apricots and Raisins are good salad toppers. Also, for the nuts the Canola oil is acceptable but in moderation.
 Good alternative to water. Aldi also sells Kombucha-just make sure to read the labels.

 Not Whole30 but a good grass-fed butter for less than HEB.

Some good alternatives for the kids. These products don’t have processed sugars but still a good treat for the little ones.


Another product that I forgot to take a picture of is the Beef Carnitas located by the Chicken Sausage.

=This is not sponsored in any way. It is my own words and thoughts. Again, I am no expert=
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy. If you find something else we need to know about, email me [email protected]


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