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Meet A Mom Monday: Meet Dr. Kim Wasso, from Kingwood Emergency Hospital. 
We are so lucky to have a facility like this in our community.kingwood_70.jpg

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Kingwood?
I am originally from New Buffalo, Michigan.  I have lived in the Greater North Houston area for 16 years

Child(ren) and Age(s)?
I have 3 children:Spencer:  22 years old Taylor:  20 years old Peyton:  18 years old

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…
Let’s see people may be surprised by one of the following:FullSizeRender.jpg

  1. I eat ice cream out of the carton, yikes!
  2. I was a physician for the Green Bay Packers
  3. I was a beauty queen in Michigan

What is your go-to activity for yourself for pampering or for fun?
My go-to activities:  mani/pedi, love a great facial, quick weekend trips

Funniest shortcut/routine for helping you through parenthood?
My shortcut: ….well as you see my 3 were pretty close in age.  When they were all in school, the armrest of my vehicle was a mini get ready for school stash:  toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, mouthwash, hair ties, chapstick, needle/thread, prepared school note, Tylenol, Motrin, allergy medication, saline solution, all travel size in a ziplock bag.  I set it up every August and when in the car, or running late, it bought us all a bit of extra time.  My funniest:  more than once, I had pizza delivered to my kiddo for lunch because I forgot to pack lunch and had no money with me!!!

Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the
corporate world? Please share!
I am a staff Emergency Medicine Physician at Kingwood Emergency Hospital, I am also the community physician liaison at Kingwood Emergency Hospital.  I am the Medical Director for Atascocita Fire and EMS

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?
This Community is amazing, what I witnessed during Hurricane Harvey was truly awesome.  My continued success as a physician and EMS person has come directly from this community.


What is the best advice for juggling mommyhood and running a business (or volunteering,
working, etc)?
Best Advice:  Find Balance, take care of yourself first, you can not take care of your family or your business if you do not take care of yourself.  Put ‘you time’ on the calendar and do not feel guilty for it. kingwood_25.jpg

What would you tell the old “You” before you had kids?
Dear Older Me:  When you have kids, hang on, it’s going to be much more difficult than you ever imagined, but it will also be much more rewarding.  It will go by way too fast, enjoy those seemingly little moments with them, they will be gone before you know it.  Do Not try to fit any preconceived ‘MomMold’  You do you, and it will be great, your kids will be great.  Trust your intuition, if something seems off with one of them, something is off!  Make the time to listen and learn what their current struggle is.  Trust me when I say this, don’t let the housework ever be a priority, it’s not worth it.

What is your proudest mommy moment?
My proudest mommy moment….this is the hardest question ever!!  So many, I really had to reflect, and think about each of them over the years.  I can honestly say, it is not anyone award, it’s not anyone job or personal achievement that they have obtained, it’s who they are as people.  My son Spencer who drags home stray animals and stray kids and doesn’t hesitate to roll down the window and give money to a homeless person on the corner.  My daughter Taylor who would lay out my robe for me when noticing I was dead tired, who always gracefully takes the higher ground when others have been mean to her for being “a geek.”  who always has a gently gesture for friends, family, and strangers; and my sweet Peyton, who sends me text messages reciting what I have said to him, “mom, don’t text and drive its dangerous”  and checks on his older brother and sister to just see how they are doing, who will drive home from College Station because he misses the family dog.  They are all 3 kinds, thoughtful, giving, loving, good people.  Lucky me. 

What is your favorite thing to do in the HKA area?
My hubby and I love going to Star Cinema Grill, win/win, movie, a glass of wine and dinner!  We love sporting events, Texans and Astros!  And we love exploring new and old favorite places to dine!




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