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I have started the Pure Barre 3-month challenge.! And I am SO excited for y’all to follow along with me. My goal is to go three times a week to a class. I don’t do scales, no really, I don’t care about them. I care that I am healthy, eating clean and my pants fit. Most of all I am trying to show my kids what healthy looks like. So here goes nothing…

I haven’t worked out in at least 5 years. I was so scared to get back into doing something for myself. But I knew it was time.
Before kids, we lived downtown-we were cool and hip once. We did Crossfit 8 times a week.
We moved to the suburbs because isn’t that what you do when you have kids. I was teaching in a local school district, my husband was working and we had a newborn…which left no time for a lot of things, and working out definitely wasn’t on my top priority.
Fast forward, we had another baby, then I became a stay at home mom. But there still was no time. Like seriously where does the time go? And I was just exhausted because I had two under two.
Both kids now go to school 3 days a week. (WAHOO!) And now I am a work at home mom.
But life still happens and it is still hard to find time to go three days a week.

I have only met my goal to go three days a week, ONCE! ONCE, that is a hard pill to swallow for me. I know you have heard me talk about this a thousand time. Self-Care is important to me. What Self-Care looks like for me might be different for you and everyone else. No, I don’t mean Self-Care like I spend a day at the Spa. Getting MY time is important for me, as a wife, mom and for my business. I need my time away for a bit. Whether that is working out, at Pure Barre where I  don’t have to answer 10762 questions or think for 55 minutes. I feel refreshed and recharged once I come back.  or watching Grey’s by myself…some days it is just getting to drink hot coffee before the kiddos get up.

So you know what, right now, two times a week is just going to have to be good enough for me. I’m going to continue to push for three days a week, but I am happy to be back to exercising!

Anyways, a little about Pure Barre-Kingwood
Pure Barre is 45-50 minutes of full body workout. It is LOW impact, with movements to help gain lean muscle. You will use different equipment in each class, that focuses on the entire body. You will work muscles you had no idea were even there! The equipment is light, no heavy bars or weights. A Ball, Bands, Sliders, Platforms, Arm weights, and Free Weights. No stressful impacts on your body. Which is exactly what I need. Things have moved around a bit after having two kids and I can’t do a lot of cardio, like running and all that jazz.

There are THREE, different classes Pure Barre offers.
Pure Classic, Pure Reform and Pure Empower.
The Classic is a great way to start and learn movements. It is a great way to find out what to expect from the class and your body. I am doing Empower right now and loving it!
Empower adds a little more cardio than the classic class. But what I like about it is, you get to control your pace, you decided how fast to go.
And it helps that Hayli is a great instructor! She is very patient and demonstrates every movement and takes the time to make sure everyone is doing them correctly. They truly want you to benefit from every class. Trust me on this. If everyone else is going up on a movement, I am going down. I am so uncoordinated. It is quite comical watching me doing this. Sometimes I want to laugh at myself.
But each instructor takes the time to come next to me and correct me and make sure I am doing each movement right. Each movement is beneficial to me and my body.
I will do another follow up in another month…with pictures…EEEK!

Thank you to the AMAZING Owner, Erin, and Instructors Erin, Hayli, Megan, Heather, Becca and Dawn, at Pure Barre-Kingwood.
These ladies truly do care about your health and want to support you!


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