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This summer flew by, as it does every year but I am excited for the new school year to start. My kids will be at the same school for the first time so drop off will be so much easier.
As moms, we are always trying to make sure our kids are eating healthy, and a variety of foods, even if that means sneaking them in. Sometimes it is hard to convince our kids that vegetables are good for them. I have a few tips and ideas for healthy snacks and lunches to start off the school year.

1. Get your kids involved.
Go to the Farmers Market around town or the grocery store with them and have them choose one new vegetable and one new fruit that they would like to try for that week. Continue to do that until they have a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from for their snacks and lunches. We have so many good Farmer’s Market to choose from locally.

2. Ask them to help you in the Kitchen
Ask them to help when you are packing snacks and lunches. Give them options that you agree with as well. Giving them ownership of what they are choosing to eat will help them want to try the new foods.

3. Create a variety  
Kids are grazers, their stomachs are smaller than adults. They eat throughout the day…as you may remember during the summer, they were always asking for something to eat. I have found that my kids get bored with the same texture, so I offer different textures during snacks and lunches.

4. Keep it Simple
The word healthy scares some people but healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.
Offer some sort of protein, fruit and vegetable and a treat for lunch.
My kids love deli meat, sausage or hot dogs for lunches. Using your leftovers from dinner for children’s lunches is a great way to make sure nothing goes to waste as well.

My favorite container for lunches is something similar to the Planet Box, yes they are a bit expensive. But they do last a long time. There are boxes that come in plastic and metal versions. If that is not an option just send different containers for each item. Make sure the children can open the containers, as sometimes during school lunches there are only one or two monitors for the whole lunch room. Our favorite right now is Bentgo Boxes.

Against All Grain is my favorite author to check out for inspiration. You do not have to go to the extreme, Use Danielle’s lunch ideas to create your own. 
Gluten Free Lunch Options

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