This can be a stressful time, trust me I am home with our two kids as well. Here are the ideas that you awesome mommas sent me to help each other out and keep the kids entertained while at home for the next week or so. Sending happy vibes and hoping your coffee gets you through the day! 🙂
Please let me know if you have anything to add.

-Clean (My kids actually like to help put up the laundry or help dust)
-Glow stick or Popsicle Bath- this sounds like fun
-Build a fort
-Build a Theater and watch a movie
-Letter/ Number Practice in shaving cream (or you could do spelling words)
-Teachers Pay Teachers (this is a great resource! Teachers make lesson plans and sell them on this website as extra income. You can search for free things or search a specific lesson you are looking for).
-Sidewalk chalk
-Help wash the car
-Paint with Watercolors
-Color on boxes-make a rocket ship or car
-Draw obstacle course with couch cushions, chairs, pillows
-trace a friend on concrete
-Create an obstacle with what you have at home
-Have a picnic in the living room (ok I know disaster right? maybe try outside then?)
-Make playdough
-Make slime (outside)
-Board Games
-Dry Erase Boards
-Butcher paper taped to the floor- use colors, markers, stamps
-Create a story together
-Practice numbers/letters in dirt/sand
Busy Toddler
– Play in a sprinkler
-Dig for worms
-Catch bugs
Color pages
Making colored Salt. This looks like fun. You could color rice the same way too, but add rubbing alcohol to it to coat the rice first and then add the food coloring.
-Have a color day- try and make everything that you eat and drink the color for the day
Kids Play Tricks is a great website
-Move furniture around (change of scenery might help)
-Sensory Bins with Rice, Oatmeal, Beans (use whatever you have at home)
or Literacy Enrichment and Play has an Amazon list to help you out
Cosmic Yoga
Go Noodle
Virtual Tours of Museums
Engaging Littles has a free Preschool Activity calendar

**This google doc is floating around the internet about online resources for kids while they are at home too**

Some Ideas I received for Teens and the older kids:
-Create a Scrapbook
-Bake or cook a new thing together
-Cook dinner for the family (let the teen/older kids decide what to make)
-Bake bread from scratch together
-Plant some flowers or garden
-Watercolor or paint
-Help organize
-Board games- turn it into a family board game night
-Bike rides
Minute to win it games
Free Escape Games
-Camp out in the backyard
Here are some more great ideas from The Local Moms Network

Literacy Enrichment and Play has created their own Amazon list to help you create
Kiwi Co has a section of DIY ideas to do at home

FEMA has “games” to play to explain situations like this. On the website, there are also lists on how to build an emergency kit and what to have in it.
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